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What is a M.A.G.I.C. community?

All physical and cognitive abilities are respected and welcomed at The Village of Hope, so whether you experience a degree of limitation or you feel unstoppable, there is a home for you here.

From college students who are finding their way in life, to young families with active children to elders who have seen it all, the Village of Hope community is enriched by the perspectives and needs of people of different ages.

Traditional senior communities exclude the young and nursing homes exclude those who are well. Loved ones are separated when a spouse needing nursing moves for care and adult family members are denied the ability to live with the individual and help with the care. Village of Hope creates a thriving community because it embraces people with different life experiences.

Our vision of co-living strikes a balance between community and privacy. Some living arrangements lack sufficient privacy and others offer little or no sense of community. Village of Hope, in contrast, offers people a home of their own and the opportunity to share in community meals, fellowship, learning, and a host of activities as desired. This is a place where people can have good neighbors, be a good neighbor, but have a safe retreat with autonomous living.

Village of Hope recognizes that there is truly “nothing new under the sun” but what has changed is the degree to which the extended family unit now serves as the conduit for MAGIC. In rural communities across America, people are having fewer children and they are living farther away from their parents than ever before. If we are willing to open our minds to new ways of living, and connecting to others, new possibilities begin to emerge. It is a paradigm shift, a model for the times. 

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