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Outdoor Dinner

Food and Fellowship

Who doesn't enjoy good company and a delicious meal? At Village of Hope, Inc. we believe that fellowship is important to help individuals learn, grow and thrive from the support and relationships gained in these experiences. It is especially vital for older adults to have this opportunity, as far too many of our seniors take every meal alone. The Village Hall creates the physical structure needed to build social structures around the experience of sharing good food in good company. From potlucks, picnics, to celebratory banquets or funeral buffets, we need a well-equipped local gathering place that can serve the community through food and fellowship. Delicious and nutritious meals will be served in the Village Hall, thanks to a partnership with Morrison Living. Not only will Morrison Living serve individuals at Village of Hope, Inc., but it will be open to the community as well.

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Art and Music ​

At Village of Hope, Inc. we believe the need to express ourselves creatively is important and that is why we incorporate art and music into our community. We see the Mountain Arts as tools of healing for people and their communities. Mountain Arts are defined as forms of creative expression that people in rural communities grew up with and know best. This includes songs, images and stories that told people who they were and why the world is the way it is. 

Couple Walking

Health and Wellness 


Medical care is a very powerful tool and it is crucial that residents have access to the best available care. Rural communities have had difficulty accessing the most expert care and Village of Hope, Inc. will change that by bringing access to leading health care systems. These health care systems will provide telehealth and telepresence technologies within the Village Hall, so residents don't have to travel far. Susquehanna Wellness Clinic will serve as a vital resource to Village of Hope, Inc. residents. 

A community in nature, Village of Hope is a space to connect with nature and stay in shape physically. Village of Hope, Inc. features a number of green spaces and miles of space to get moving and get connected with others of the community.

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Safety and security are at the top of our priorities and lighting is just one of the ways we embody this. Lighting fixtures at Village of Hope, Inc. are thoughtfully placed in locations that aid in ease of access around the community. This design is especially helpful to elders of the community, as it lights areas of walking spaces which are often of concern to this population.


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